Kentucky FHA Mortgage Work History and Income Requirements.

  • No matter what you must provide a 2 year employment history. Conventional or Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loan.  Conventional does not always need to be verified with a written work verification form
    • if you do not have a complete 2 year history you must explain any large gaps.  Typically I have seen this to be greater than 30 days.
    • you must have a 2 year history prior to the gap as well.  (two underwriters from two different lenders have recently told me the same thing)
    • also check your AUS-Automated Underwriting Findings  because that can help when speaking with your potential borrower.
  • Exception to the 2 year history is college or HS graduation
    • need official college transcripts or they can be unofficial if you get them with the web URL just like bank activity.
    • good idea to snag their diploma as well.
    • you probably don’t even need to use this exception if the person was a student but also worked and had a 2 year job history.


  •  Kentucky FHA Case Number Assignment
    • if there are any job gaps greater than 6 months in their two year history the borrower must be on their current job for at least 6 months before the FHA case number can be assigned.
    • again you must then get a 2 year employment history prior to the 6 month or more gap.  however far you must go back.
  • W2s / 1099s
    • even if you are not using the income to qualify from a part time job please get every single w2 / 1099 from your borrowers.  


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