Kentucky FHA Loans in the State of Kentucky for 2020.

Advantages of Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loans

  • You can often make a down payment as low as 3.5 percent down to a 580 credit score
  • You can finance a home with a 500 credit score with 10% down payment.
  •  Kentucky FHA loans are assumable meaning that if you have a good rate on your current mortgage and the potential buyer of your home meets FHA guidelines, then he can assume your low rate mortgage
  • Kentucky FHA loans offer streamline refinancing without credit score minimums, verification of income, and no appraisals to refinance to a lower rate making it easier to qualify.
  • Kentucky FHA loans offer flexible terms when it comes to previous bankruptcy or foreclosures. 2 years removed from Chapter 7 with reestablished
  •  credit, or if a Chapter 13, one year in the payment plan is eligible for FHA financing.
  • Foreclosures on a past home. FHA will finance a home 3 years removed from the sale date of your foreclosure property
  • 30 year fixed rate mortgage with usually the best going rates on government insured loans like FHA, VA, USDA etc.
  • No prepayment penalty on Kentucky FHA loans.
  • Higher debt to income ratio requirements when compared to Conventional loans because most Fannie Mae Conventional loans cannot have a higher debt to income ratio than 45% on the back-end
  • You can make an FHA loan anywhere in the state of Kentucky with no geographical restrictions.
  • Will allow for down payment assistance and grants for borrowers minimum down payments in the State of Kentucky through the likes of KHC, Welcome Home Grant, and Kentucky Housing Down Payment Second Mortgage loans.
  • Kentucky FHA loans allow for unoccupied cosigner. For example, lets say you have a daughter that is getting ready to graduate college and does not have the income or credit history established yet to buy a home. FHA allows a family-member to co-sign for them to buy a home and you don’t have to occupy as primary residence. Note, FHA co-singers are not allowed to makeup for some that has bad credit, because they will take the lowest credit scores of both applicants. FHA usually allows for co-singers lack of income purposes only.
  • Can usually close within 30 days just like a regular conventional mortgage. No extra time to close an FHA loan in Kentucky versus other secondary market loans like VA, USDA, Fannie Mae.
  • You can use the FHA loan over and over. You can actually have two FHA loans open at the same time, but it gets tricky on this. Call or text me with more info if you have an FHA loan currently and would like to use FHA Financing again.
  • FHA loans aren’t just for first time home buyers in Kentucky.

Disadvantages of Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loans

  • There are loan limits in the State of Kentucky on FHA Mortgage loans. The maximum FHA loan in the state of Kentucky is $331,760 for 2020.  So if you were needing to finance a loan over this amount, you would need to look at doing a Conventional loan with the updated 2020 Kentucky State Loan Limits for a Fannie Mae loan being $510,400
  • If buying a condo in Kentucky, FHA requires the condo development be FHA approved. There is a >>>list here of Kentucky FHA approved condos here.
  • Seller must have own the home for 90 days before you can make an offer on the home. This comes into play where the seller bought the home as an investor and rehabbed the property and wants to sell for a quick profit. FHA mandates seller must maintain for 90 days before you can write up an offer on it. Also called FHA Flipping Policy. Read more here  
  • There is mortgage insurance. This is one of the biggest disadvantages for FHA loans.But as I tell most people, nobody rarely has a loan for 30 years, so if it meets your payment and your cash to close requirement, I tell people to go with it because it can be refinanced down the road and you are getting one of the lowers 30 year fixed rates out there. Both upfront and monthly mortgage insurance premiums you have to pay HUD/FHA. These premiums change whenever FHA/HUD replenish their insurance pool to pay claims from defaults, but currently theFHA upfront mortgage insurance premium is 1.75% and monthly is .85% and .80% of the loan amount. If you happen do a 15 year term or shorter, the mortgage insurance is cheaper monthly with .45 and .70 respectively  each month. The upfront mortgage insurance is the same for a 30 year and 15 year at 1.75%
  • FHA Mortgage insurance can be on the loan for life of loan. This is a recent change made in 2016 when FHA lowered there premiums for upfront and monthly mi premiums, but made the mortgage insurance for life of loan for some FHA loans. 
  • If you put down more than 10% on the loan, or have at least 10% equity in the home for a refinance, you only have to pay mortgage insurance for 11 years before it automatically falls off.
  • Obviously you can refinance out of an FHA loan at anytime, since it does not a prepayment penalty, and you can potentially get a refund of your upfront mortgage insurance if paid off within 3 years on sliding scale.
  • I have incorporated some charts below to illustrate the different Kentucky FHA Mortgage Insurance premiums to explain it better.
  • The upfront mortgage insurance is usually financed into the loan, so it will look like you are borrowing more than the standard 3.5% down payment because this is financed into the loan. Some borrowers elect to pay it out of pocket upfront, but I have never seen this done in my 20 years of doing FHA loans in the State of Kentucky
  • Kentucky FHA Loans Greater Than 15 Years MIP Chart
  • 👇
    Base Loan Amt. LTV Annual MIP
    ≤$625,500 ≤95.00% 80 bps (0.80%)
    ≤$625,500 >95.00% 85 bps (0.85%)
    >$625,500 ≤95.00% 100 bps (1.00%)
    >$625,500 >95.00% 105 bps (1.05%)

    Kentucky FHA Loans Less Than or Equal to 15 Years MIP Chart👇

    Base Loan Amt. LTV Annual MIP
    ≤$625,500 ≤90.00% 45 bps (0.45%)
    ≤$625,500 >90.00% 70 bps (0.70%)
    >$625,500 ≤78.00% 45 bps (0.45%)
    >$625,500 78.01% – 90.00% 70 bps (0.70%)
    >$625,500 >90.00% 95 bps (0.95%)

    When can I get the FHA mortgage insurance off my Mortgage Loan? See chart below 👇👇


Image result for fha cancellation of mortgage insurance chart kentucky


  • Appraisals. On an FHA appraisal, the FHA appraiser has to turn on the utilities to make sure they are in worked order when he gets there. This is different that Conventional loan appraisals. A lot of realtors or buyers think that FHA loans are harder due to appraisals, but honestly, they’re really not. FHA puts these minimum HUD standards in place to make sure the home is in good working order and SAFE to live in. there any lead based paint or chipping paint that could lead to poisoning  It is all about Safety with FHA and HUD on these appraisals. The value is determined just like a regular Conventional, USDA, VA appraisals whereas they compare the house to 3 recent homes sold in the area to get a value.
  • Some lenders don’t offer FHA loans due to their complexity and sale on the secondary market, so if you call a local lender in Kentucky and they don’t offer FHA loans, the reason is usually they don’t have the team in place to do them or don’t want to do them due to lack of experience on the secondary government market.
  • Government Liens. FHA will not be an option for you usually if you have unpaid federal tax liens, delinquency  on federal backed-government loans, or a claim with social security etc. FHA loans are ran through aCAVIRS alert system to check to see if you are delinquent on any federal oblation. If so, this swill stop you until you can clear the CAVIRS alert system. For example, I did a loan for a buyer that had a delinquent federal debt with his student loan that happened over 14 years old. It was off the credit report and title search, so I had to switch to a conventional loan to make the home loan work.
  • FHA loans are not good for second homes or investment properties. FHA loans are mainly for single family residence 1-4 unit, that are going to occupied primarily as main home.

In summary, FHA loans have few drawbacks other than the mortgage insurance in my opinion. It is a great first time home buyer program or borrowers with past credit problems to get into a house of their own with very little out of pocket, at a low 30 year fixed rate, and no prepayment penalty

Questions about qualifying for a FHA loan in Kentucky . Give me text, call or email below. Love to help you out on your next home or refinance in Kentucky


Read more below about specific FHA Loans in Kentucky.👇👇👇
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New Condominium Approval Rule For Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loans 

New Condominium Approval Rule For Kentucky FHA  Condo Mortgage Loans 
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced the publication of its Condominium Project Approval Final Rule effective with new case number assignments on or after October 15, 2019.
For more information, please read the press release issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
Kentucky Mortgage loans done through FHA’s new condo rule and the new Condominium Project Approval section of the Single-Family Housing Policy Handbook were designed to be flexible and responsive to market conditions, and provide a comprehensive revision to Kentucky FHA condominium project approval policy. In particular, the new policy will allow certain individual condominium units to be eligible for
FHA mortgage insurance, even if the condominium project is not FHA approved. These policies became effective on October 15, 2019. Read FHA’s new condominium approval regulation.
FHA to make financing easier for condo owners in Kentucky August 19, 2019condos, conventional loans vs FHA loans, FHA Approved Condo Kentuckyfha condo, FHA Condo Approval Kentucky FHA Condo Approval Kentucky
FHA to make financing easier for condo owners in Kentucky 
The Legacy “Spot Condo” is Now Single Unit Approval
Effective for case number assignments on or after October 15th, 2019, Kentucky FHA borrowers may obtain Single Unit Approval (SUA) on non-FHA approved condominium properties that meet eligibility requirements (detailed below).A Significant Kentucky FHA  First-Time Buyer Opportunity for Condo Lovers!

  • As a result of Kentucky FHA’s new policy, it is estimated that 20,000 to 60,000 condominium units could become eligible for FHA-insured financing annually.
  • Condo projects that are not currently on Kentucky  FHA’s list of approved condos may be eligible for an FHA Single Unit Approval.
  • Target opportunities include previously approved projects that are now expired or were never approved.

Kentucky FHA Single Unit Condo Eligibility

  • At least five units
  • 10 or more units, up to 10% may be FHA-Insured
  • Less than 10 units, up to two FHA-Insured units
  • At least 50% owner-occupancy
  • HOA Budget 10% reserve requirement (or amount supported by reserve study)
  • Applications must receive an Accept from TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard or have a maximum 90% LTV for an Accept Risk Classification requiring a downgrade to Manual Underwriting.
  • Maximum of 35% commercial space
  • Maximum 10% individual ownership
  • Has a Certificate of Occupancy that was issued at least one year ago or has been occupied
  • Manufactured homes, gut rehab or new construction is not eligible
  • No more than 15% of units are 60 days delinquent
  • Not located in an approved condominium project or unapproved phase of a condominium project with an approved Legal Phase in HOA dues


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This is not a commitment to make a loan.  Loans are subject to borrower qualifications, including income, property evaluation, sufficient equity in the home to meet LTV requirements for refinances, and final credit approval.  Approvals are subject to underwriting guidelines, interest rates, and program guidelines, and are subject to change without notice based on applicant’s eligibility and market conditions.  Joel Lobb and his employer, American Mortgage Solutions is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal Government.  Equal Opportunity Lender and Equal Housing Lender.  

Joel Lobb
Mortgage Loan Officer
Individual NMLS ID #57916
American Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Company NMLS ID #1364



FHA to make financing easier for condo owners in Kentucky 

FHA Condo Approval Kentucky

The Federal Housing Administration has finally issued a long-awaited update to its condominium rules, announcing Wednesday that it will now allow individual unit approval and is taking other steps to loosen requirements that make these properties eligible for FHA financing. The agency said it expects the updated guidelines to qualify up to 60,000 more condo units a year for financing.

Under the revised guidelines – which take effect Oct. 15, 2019 – an individual condo unit in a building of 10 units or more may be eligible for spot approval if no more than 10% of the units are FHA-insured. For units in buildings with fewer than 10 units, no more than two units can have FHA insurance.

The FHA is also extending the recertification deadline for approved condo projects from two to three years, and it will insure more mixed-use projects, or those with more commercial space, to be eligible, stating that approved projects can now have up to 35% of their square footage dedicated to non-residential use.

The agency also loosened restrictions on owner-occupancy rules, stating that eligible condo projects can now be just 50% owner-occupied.

It also said it will insure up to 50% of units in any given project.

The FHA said it expects the updated guidelines to qualify an estimated 20,000 to 60,000 more condo units per year for financing.  

Currently, of the more than 150,000 condo projects across the country, only 6.5% are approved for FHA financing.

This is something the FHA is aiming to change with the updated guidelines, Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said on a call with reporters Wednesday.


Source: FHA to make financing easier for condo owners

What are the Kentucky FHA Credit Score Requirements for 2020 Mortgage Loan Approvals?

FHA, VA, USDA and Fannie Mae loan requirements Kentucky


Credit Scores Required for a Mortgage Loan Approval in Kentucky.
Credit Scores Required for a Mortgage Loan Approval in Kentucky.

Kentucky Mortgage Requirements for FHA, VA, USDA and Fannie Mae



Getting a FHA loan in Kentucky in 2020 you will be confronted with minimum credit score requirements set forth by FHA and the lender. Even though FHA will insure the mortgage loan at a certain credit score, you will see that lenders will create  “credit-overlays” to protect their risk and ask for a higher credit score.

So keep in mind when you are getting an FHA loan in 2020 some lenders will have higher credit score minimums in addition to the FHA Mortgage Insurance program.

For a Kentucky Homebuyer wanting to purchase a home or refinance their existing FHA loan, FHA requires a 3.5% down payment and the borrower must have a 580 FICO Credit Score. If the score is below 580, then you would need 10% down and still qualify on a manual underwrite.

You must have a FICO score of at least 500 to be eligible for a Kentucky  FHA loan. If your FICO score is from 500 to 579, your down payment on the loan is 10 percent of the loan.

If your FICO score is 580 or higher, your down payment is only 3.5 percent. If your credit score is less than 580, it may be more cost-effective to take the necessary steps to improve your score before taking out the loan, rather than putting the money into a larger down payment.

How do they get the credit score:  There are three main credit bureaus in the US. Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. The three scores vary but should be relatively close as long as the same creditors are reporting to the same bureaus.

You will get a variation in the scores due to all creditors or collection companies don’t report to all three bureaus. This is why they take the mid score.  So if you have a 590 Experian, 680 Equifax, and 620 TransUnion, your qualifying credit score would be 620

Based on my experience with lenders that I deal with in Kentucky on FHA loans,  most lenders require 620 middle credit score for consideration for loan approval.

How do they get the score:  They take the mid score, so if you have a 590 Experian, 680 Equifax, and 620 TransUnion, your qualifying score would be 620.


Kentucky FHA Loans with less than 620 Score

If your score is below 620, a manual underwrite is where the AUS (Automated Underwriting System) refers your loan to a human being, and they look at the entire file to see if they can overturn and approve the mortgage loan because the Desktop Underwriting Automated Software could not approve you.

With scores below 620, they typically will want to verify your rent history, have no bankruptcies in the last two years, and no foreclosures in the last 3 years.

If you have had any lates since the bankruptcy this will probably result in a denial on a refer manual underwrite file.

Your max house payment will be set at 31% of your gross monthly income,  and your new house payment plus the bills you are paying on the credit report cannot be more than 43%.

Typically, on scores below 620 for FHA loans, they will also look at reserves or money you have saved up after the loan is made to try and qualify you. For example, if you have a 401k or savings account that has at least 4 months reserves (take your mortgage payment x 4) and this would equal your reserves. They look at this as a rainy day fund and could help you keep up on your bills if you were unemployed or could not work.

Maximum FHA loan limits in Kentucky are set at $331,760.00 for 2020


Kentucky FHA loan limits for 2020 is set at $331,760.00
Kentucky FHA loan limits 2020

If you are looking to take a FHA loan in 2020 to buy or refinance a home in Kentucky, please contact me below with your questions about the credit score requirements and how they affect your loan approval.

What credit score do you need to qualify for a Kentucky mortgage loan?

The first thing to keep in mind is that qualifying for a mortgage involves a lot more than just a credit score. While your FICO score is a very important ingredient, it is just one factor. Lenders also look at your income and level of debt, among other things.

As a rule of thumb, however, a credit score below 620 will make buying a home very difficult. A FICO score below 620 is considered sub-prime. In the past, there were mortgage companies that specialized in sub-prime mortgages. Because of the challenges in the credit market over the last year or so, however, sub-prime loans have become difficult if not impossible to obtain.

A FICO score between 600 and 640  is considered fair to good credit. But keep in mind, this range of credit scores does not guarantee you will qualify for a mortgage, and if you do qualify, it won’t get you the lowest interest rate possible. Still, to buy a home aim for a score of at least 620, recognizing that other factors weigh in the decision and that some banks may require a higher score.

What credit score do you need to get a low rate mortgage?

It uses to be that a score of about 720 would yield the lowest mortgage rates available. Today, the best rates kick in with a FICO score of 760. And interest rates go up significantly as your credit score drops. To give you an idea, the following table shows current rates by credit score and calculates a monthly principal and interest payment based on a $300,000 loan:

lenders will pull what they call a “tri-merge” credit report which will show three different fico scores from Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. The lenders will throw out the high and low scores and take the “middle score.” For example, if you had a 614, 610, and 629 score from the three main credit bureaus, your qualifying score would be 614.
So if you only have one score, you may not qualify. Lenders will have to pull their own credit report and scores so if you had it ran somewhere else or saw it on a website or credit card you may own, it will not matter to the lender, because they have to use their own credit report and scores.
Lastly, lenders will pull your credit report for free nowadays so this should not be a big deal as long as your scores are high enough.
offered by FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie Mae, and KHC all have their minimum fico score requirements and lenders will create overlays in addition to what the Government agencies will accept, so even if on paper FHA says they will go down to 580 or 500 in some cases on fico scores, very few lenders will go below the 620 threshold.
If you have low fico scores it may make sense to check around with different lenders to see what their minimum fico scores are for loans.
The lenders I currently deal with have the following fico cutoffs for credit scores:
As you can see, different government-backed loan programs have different minimum score requirements with most lenders for an FHA, VA, or Fannie Mae loan, and 620  is required for the no down payment programs offered by USDA and KHC in Kentucky for First Time Home Buyers wanting to go no money down.


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FHA proposes new workaround for condo market | Inman News


FHA proposes new workaround for condo market | Inman News.