Louisville Ky FHA Mortgage Loans

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Louisville Ky FHA  Mortgage loans

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 If you are looking to step into the benefits of homeownership in the Louisville Ky area  then we can help you. Let us guide you to the best Louisville Ky mortgage, Louisville Ky mortgage refinance, Louisville Ky  home loans, or any other mortgage program in the city as per your requirements. Our reliable mortgage lenders provide you best terms at cheap rates.

Louisville Ky  Mortgage Loans

Do you have the ability to repay your Louisville Ky mortgage loans? Your banks and lenders are sure to ascertain that. You have to give them enough reasons to agree that you are indeed capable of repaying mortgage loans in Louisville. Start the “confidence building measure” by reducing your debts. Pay all the credit card balances in order to get qualified for Louisville Ky  mortgage loans. If you have too many debts, try to delay your loan application. A positive certification by your credit bureau would ensure that you obtain mortgage loans in the  Louisville Kentucky area.

Best terms and rates on a Louisville Ky home loans is now just a mouse click away. Apply now and secure the best terms and rates on your preferred mortgage program. We deal in a variety of Louisville home loans, including Louisville first residential mortgage, Louisville home loan refinance, and more…

Louisville Home Loans

Purchasing Louisville Home Loans can be a difficult task especially if you are new to the mortgage jargon. Let our reliable mortgage professionals help you in obtaining home loans in Louisville at best possible terms and prices. Key to receiving best terms on your Louisville home loan lies in comparing multiple offers and identifying a reliable state mortgage lender offering best terms and condition at lowest possible interest rates. Prior to applying for mortgage loans in Louisville you should figure out how much mortgage you can afford. Make sure you have sufficient savings to make required levels of down payments. There are many home loan programs in Louisville that require only a low down payment or no down payment, with less or no closing costs. There are also numerous options to choose from in the event you are looking to purchase a second mortgage or refinance existing mortgage.

Let us help you find offering best mortgage plans in tune with your requirements. Spare a few seconds to fill out our simple no obligation mortgage quote. We will study your needs and will find you excellent Louisville home loans at lowest possible rates.

Mortgage brokers in Louisville deal exclusively with mortgage loans. kentucky Louisville mortgage brokers not only have professional expertise but also access to various lenders and Kentucky Louisville mortgage bankers. Access to lenders and top Kentucky Louisville mortgage bankers give them access to variety of loan products, too. Experienced brokers in Louisville provide the most cost effective financing options. The best Louisville mortgage broker pays attention to both your financial and personal goals. See that your mortgage brokers in Louisville also provide individualized attention to your needs.

Act on the recommendations from your friends and co-workers while selecting Louisville mortgage lenders. They have a variety of financing options like Louisville mortgage loans, Louisville home loans etc… After selecting your kentucky Louisville mortgage lenders, contact them and appraise them about your financial situation and plans for your property. Check out the various loan programs suggested by your mortgage company in Louisville. Also note your lenders’ fees for each loan program. Compare rates and fees of different Louisville mortgage lenders to ascertain the competitiveness. Try to negotiate with the mortgage company in Louisville in case their rates and fees are not competitive.

A Louisville mortgage company can answer your questions about mortgage rates in Louisville only after you have decided on Louisville mortgage. If you want best mortgage rates, you have to satisfy your lender about your credit score and credit history. Remember that lenders will not commit to mortgage rates in Louisville until you have set a closing date. You may keep asking your lenders for mortgage rates but note that those rates are hypothetical. Lenders are not going to commit themselves unless you commit yourself.



Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Programs 2011

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Programs 2011


Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Programs

As an approved Louisville Kentucky  Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Louisville Ky FHA mortgage professional, I offer a wide array of kentucky loan programs, including Kentucky First Time Home Buyers Programs, Kentucky Refinance Programs, or Louisville Kentucky Renovation Home Programs. We lend on primary, secondary, and investment properties.

Kentucky Home Purchase Programs

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, upgrading to a new home, or buying an additional property, we offer a wide array of mortgage loan programs – many requiring a limited down payment (0 to 3%) for qualified individuals, both repeat and first time buyers.

Mortgage Program Highlights:
  • Fixed and adjustable rate options
  • $0 down payment options available
  • Up to 6% seller concessions
  • Down payment assistance and gifts permitted
  • Credit scores as low as 580
  • Debt to income ratios to 55.00% with automated approval
We specialize in the following Kentucky Home Mortgage Programs:
Conforming Agency (Conventional): Loans that conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, including maximum loan amount, borrower credit and income levels, down payment, and eligible properties.
Kentucky FHA: Loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration, a federal assistance program that promotes home ownership by offering low down payment options, lower interest rates and easier qualifications.
Kentucky VA: Loans guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs for military service members with benefits like no down payment (100% financing) and competitive (and usually lower) interest rates.
Kentucky USDA: (United States Department of Agriculture) Government-insured rural development loans for the purchase of homes in rural areas with no down payment (100% financing), no monthly mortgage insurance and low interest rates.

KEntucky FHA 203(k): Loan program insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) where purchase price and renovation costs are rolled into one loan amount. Two types:
  1. Standard (k) loan– no maximum for repairs, which can include structural renovations, room additions, roof repairs and replacement of plumbing.
  2. Streamline (k) loan – maximum of $35,000 for repairs including simple and cosmetic renovations like new flooring, kitchen/bathroom updates and gutter repair.
    See details of Stonegate’s Home Improvement Program (HIP) loans under Home Renovation Programs below.

Kentucky Housing Corporatino: KHC housing program for qualified first-time home buyers offering down payment and closing costs assistance up to $10,000 and lower rates.

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Louisville KY Mortgage Rates

Louisville KY Mortgage Rates.

Louisville KY Home Loans

 Louisville KY Home Loans

Whether you are looking for great 30 year mortgage rates for a home in the Bonnycastle neighborhood of the Highlands District, low 5 year ARM rates for a place in Werne’s Row in Old Louisville, or unbelievable fha mortgage rates for a house in the South End, American Financial Resources is your low rate leader. Louisville, the county seat of Jefferson County, has grown into the largest city in Kentucky and offers its residents a laundry list of cultural and entertainment outlets. Whether you enjoy relaxing in the Louisville Waterfront Park, attending a show at the Kentucky Center, rooting for your favorite horse at the derby, or cruising on the Ohio River, Louisville offers something for everyone. If you are considering buying a home or refinancing your existing mortgage in the River City, give us a call. We can help you find the KY home loan you are searching for and some of the lowest Louisville mortgage rates anywhere.

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Louisville FHA Loan Options
Louisville KY Mobile Home Loans

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Kentucky FHA HUD Homes for $100 Down

Kentucky HUD Homes for $100 Down


Kentucky HUD Homes for $100 Down

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$100 HUD Homes


$100 HUD Home Program

This Program allows people to take advantage of the Kentucky buyer‘s market, by purchasing a home owned byKentukcy  HUD with only a hundred dollars. Kentukcy FHA’s standard down payment requirement is waived. Closing costs, homeowners insurance, property taxes, and even repairs can all be financed using this special federal purchase-money loan program. The loan amount may go up to 110% of the home’s “as is” appraised value. The appraisal is provided by HUD, which is another benefit of this program. The buyer doesn’t have to pay for an appraisal, and there’s virtually no chance the appraisal will be challenged in underwriting.

HUD pays up to a 5% sales commission, which is not split with any local listing brokers. Sales commissions are earned only when representing buyers.

Kentukcy HUD Homes result from foreclosures on homes secured by Kentukcy FHA-insured mortgages.  Kentucky HUD homes are popular with bargain-minded investors, but for the first 10 days they’re available exclusively to bidders who will be owner-occupants. In other words, anyone who wants to buy a Kentukcy HUD home as their new primary residence has priority and gets the first chance to take advantage of these deals. The inventory of Kentukcy HUD homes changes frequently and is growing as foreclosures become more widespread.

Before making an offer on aKentukcy  HUD home, the buyer must be pre-approved for the necessary loan amount. A pre-qualification letter is not acceptable. Prior to submitting an offer on a HUD home, the lender must take an official loan application, approve supporting documents, and issue a preliminary loan commitment.

Like other government loans, Kentukcy FHA loans can only be used to purchase a primary residence, not second homes and investment properties. But despite what some people think, Kentucky FHA loans are not limited to first-time home buyers or low-income borrowers

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