FHA and Kentucky Housing

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 




Minimum 640 credit score required. 

 Financing to 96.50% of lesser of sales price or appraised value.  

All KHC DAPs and other KHC-approved secondary financing may be used.

 Maximum 6% seller-paid items. 

  Maximum ratios of 40/45 with AUS approval. 

   FHA’s Appraiser Independence began with case numbers on or after February 15, 2010. Please see Mortgagee Letter 2009-28 for fulldetails.


   All borrowers must be scored by TOTAL.

 Lender must follow the FHA maximum mortgage limits for particular area – see  



Must follow Upfront and Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums Guidelines (see information below). 

  Upfront and Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums 

  Less than or Equal to 95%  95% oan Terms > 15 years
  annual .85 monthly


 1% annual .90 monthly



Beginning with case numbers assigned on or after Monday, October 4, 2010


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